Monday, January 31, 2011

Quick catch up

Zaks ear seems to be responding to the garlic oil and herb -iotics. Phew. Going to back it up with some licorice tea tonight.

Yesterday I potted some Tansy in three different stages of growth. The smallest took to the shift the easiest. Standing up nice and tall this morning. The others looked a little put out so I gave them all some extra water and loving attention. I am planning on bringing the smallest one indoors to our front learning room to see how it fairs being inside and also with more human contact.

One will go near the back door and I think the other one can go out the front to keep this one company.  We have been suffering a bit of a heat wave so everyone is getting a bit wilty on and off. Even the humans!!!

She has been out there for a week now and is supporting lovely new growth. I am going to move my plant stand outside to put them on and maybe get some more potted herbs going.

The flowers and leaves I brought inside are drying up beautifully. The flowers are all stored separately in a jar ready to use and the leaves will soon be chopped ready for my infusions. 

Did my first sketch today with lead pencil of a tansy leaf. Realised I was being a bit too fussy, so made myself stop and just rough sketch it. I also attempted to use Photo shop and realised I have no idea so gave it up as it way too hot to sit at the computer today.

I refrained from any Tansy "study" yesterday and today as I was busy reading about licorice instead. I am trying very hard not to over do it as I know I will lose interest if I get to in depth for too long. Study has never been my good point. My mind is too airy fairy to sit still for long. With that said, I need to outside! Have a wonderful week!

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox

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  1. I am going to try and start tansy, here, so I can honor your journey with her, this year Karisma xx I planted one on a whim a few years back, got worried the next year when I read she can be a bully in the gardens, and moved her to a spot away from the main herbs. She pouted and disappeared! :( Soooo.... maybe she would like a nice huge tub of her own right in the middle of things? lol We shall see....xx