Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting started with the journal project

On Tuesday, I thought I'd better get started with covering my journal and was thinking about ways to do it. I thought long and hard about how I would like my book to look, keeping in mind I would be keeping it for a long time.

My first thought was to cover the journal with tansy leaf prints! Never having done this before I pulled out the paint anyway and started having a play.

The first print came out a bit dark and I did not really like it on the white paper.

Then I decided to screw up some brown paper and try printing on that! I have to admit it was not really up my alley but I still gave it a go. My test run again was not really what I hoped to go for. I left them to dry and kept on thinking...should I have another go and make it a bit more tansy plant as a whole looking? Hmmmm! Although the idea of trying that is appealing and I will do it later. It was not really what I thought would suit my journal.

Then, I kid you not...I spent the next hour or so surfing the web looking for the perfect font, that I could print, cut out and decorate and stick on the book. Let me say I became a little frustrated! This was becoming NOT fun! I waded through the scrap booking bits and bobs. I even tried drawing my own but my heart really was not in it!

It was about this time in my usual fashion that the light bulb went off in my head! What do I love to do? What would really make it mine? Of course, how silly of me!  So, I pulled out some different supplies.....

Grabbed the necessary equpment.......

And got to um if I don't turn up for a day or so! Well you know what I am up to! 


Today I have also managed to squeeze in some photography moments with my Tansy and my fur babies who were most helpful! I am really looking forward to getting this book started. I have so many ideas! Indeed in my spare moments I have been reading reading reading!

Now I must away to my stitching before I get too tired. Hugs and smoochies everyone! xoxox

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