Sunday, January 30, 2011

Licorice, garlic, mullein, golden seal....too many choices!!!!

Well my earache cure did not work! More than likely because the child stopped drinking his tea after the first batch and only told me later that he had in fact tipped it out. Great! So as one can imagine last night was a doozy of a night. Not only with him but with his brother as well, who must have eaten something ick as he was throwing up!

So, I ended up doing a bit of hands on healing until he went to sleep. For some reason I kept getting the word Licorice in my head. So this morning I did a bit of research and lo and behold it is recommended for ear aches. Mind you, so are a lot of other things, but for some reason I think Licorice is what will work with him.

I had also been thinking on garlic a lot but was a bit worried about it burning his ear (we usually use it raw). So anyway I went off to the local health food store and picked up some licorice root and was about to buy some echinacea to try and boost his immunity a bit when I asked the fellow who worked there about ear drops. He of course had no idea but luckily for me there was a naturopath on hand who did. Not only did she find me some ear drops (Garlic and Mullein with a little yarrow thrown in) all made up and ready to go but she also suggested a natural antibiotic tablet instead of the echinacea which contained golden seal (another one I had been wondering about).  Looks like a lot more study time for me!

So hopefully, this will get him back on track! Amazingly the garlic drops helped immediately! His ear had been feeling very full and blocked and it cleared it a little. The look on his face was priceless! (seriously I had to catch him first, he did not want them in his ear!) I left him happily munching on a bag of soft licorice, a yummy back up plan!

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  1. Very nice how things worked out and the steps you took with this ear problem, Karisma. I love reading other herbies ideas and thoughts. Oh gosh, does it ever end Karisma? We just go to read up on one herb and end up being compelled to search out other readings, now with these new herb questions? lol xx