Friday, January 21, 2011

Can I have some more days in the week?

And more hours in the day please?

Even though I have been getting up early and some nights staying up rather late, I keep running out of time! 

This week has been rather hectic to say the least and several things have come up that made my time scarce. When I have been home I have been on the go constantly....

I did manage to make one shopping trip to an op shop and the art supply store which was just up the road from the wool shop so of course I popped in there too! 

I scored some new jars at the op shop for $4.....which have come in very handy the past few days....

I picked up some decent water colour paints.......

Love the way it all stacks together for storage.....

Now I just need to learn to use them! 
Next week, hopefully next week! 
I visited two different libraries and was rather disappointed with their herbal selections.  One would think Tansy did not even exist! Most books either did not mention it at all OR had scarce information! Thank god for The Book Depository, I have a couple on order so am looking forward to getting them. I also borrowed some books on how to use water colours and how to paint botanical's. Hopefully this helps! Otherwise I will have to stick to drawing!

I have been reading a lot, making notes and I have been making some infusions, I have however not been ingesting the tea this week due to health concerns much to my annoyance! I intend to repeat the infusions in a few weeks when hopefully I can focus more.  Will post more about this in my Infusions post.

Have a wonderful day! Hugs and smoochies xoxoxo

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