Sunday, January 16, 2011

Drying Dilemma's

Well, I have come across a wee problem with my drying process! I always dry my tansy outside like this on the small clothes line. I did not however take into account our nutty weather. It was drying nicely and almost ready when all the flooding up north and then down south hit. 

In the middle here we are suffering from extreme weather changes but most of the time it is extremely hot and muggy and unfortunately the air is switching from moist to dry rapidly. We have even had a little night rain! :-(

LOOK What has happened to some of the Tansy....BOO HOO! It is going mouldy! I have to admit to being just a tad disappointed. I have a little over that I dried last year but for some reason I had grounded it. So probably won't use that just yet.

While I was pondering on whether to burn it or throw it in the compost, I decided to pick off some of the flowers which looked fine and store them.

With this weeks challenge being infusions with dried herbs I was concerned, obviously I won't be drinking this lot! However, waste not want not. I am going to get rid of the nasty bits and try and save the rest. I will infuse it and make flea repellent! YES I will! And for tonight I shall make my infusion with fresh tansy instead.

Lucky for me! There is plenty more outside! 

Mother Nature! Please calm down so our days may go more in tune with the seasons!


  1. Oh what a wonderful patch you have there still awaiting you, thank goodness. The moldery stuff is not so nice to be sure! We had a wet summer here too and the Tansy in the fields flourished! But I didn't dry any myself. Now we are in the grips of a typical Wisconsin USA winter with its banks of snow and moisture sucking dry air. It would dry in minutes here I swear (or that is what my skin is saying, LOL)

  2. I hate mold. I have trouble drying herbs here because we have so much rain all the time - there is always moisture in the air. I'm trying to convince my husband to buy a dehydrator. (I just want a small counter-top model but he thinks we should "invest" in a good quality one). we'll figure it out...I need to start trying all the thyme, oregano, basil, marjoram, and bay I've got out there during the growing season!

  3. Christine: Yep plenty more in the back yard. I did manage to save a basket full so will use it for non-ingestive experiments.

    Karmyn: I have used a dehydrator once and found it too bulky and in the way. I thought of getting a counter top one but have not done so yet. For Basil I always dry it in the oven if the weather is not good. Lowest setting and just keep an eye on it. Keeps its flavour well. Everything else tends to get dried on trays around the house. Takes a little longer but dries beautifully.