Sunday, January 16, 2011

Herbal Ally - Journal cover

Well I finally got my journal cover (almost) finished! In typical fashion around here and probably because I opted to choose the time consuming cross stitch path, I was interupted by numerous other things and did not think I would even finish it.

I had far too many ideas but ended up keeping it quite simple. I used an old skirt that I picked up in an op shop for the background colour and scraps of material from a skirt my daughter made me for xmas. (Ashlee kindly helped me with the sewing as I was running out of time and had too much else on yesterday). She was a bit bothered by the fact that the fabric scraps were a bit small. I insisted on having a lining which ended up being a little small to fit, causing no end of frustration I'm sure. As a result the strip on the outside ended up on a bit of an angle. But as I wanted a bit of a frayed, rustic type look anyway I decided to leave it that way.

Here is the "almost" finished result..........

The cross stitch section took me a few days to complete....I frayed the edges of the Aida to give it a more whimsy look just like Tansy! I love the little worm on the T and the butterflies too.........

Now this is the part that is not yet finished.........

I used some more of the recycled brown paper that I used to make the prints last week and screwed it  up to give it a crinkly effect. The flowers and leaf were pressed on paper between my heavy herbal books while I was still undecided what to do. They dried up quite nicely. I am planning on having this little card laminated and I will attach it with a ribbon so it can be removed and used as a book mark.

For the most part I have really enjoyed making the cover. I would have liked to have given it more time though. I think some time management is in order but that is really hard to achieve at our chaotic house!

Now I am off to do some gardening and begin on the next challenge. Making some herbal infusions!

Have a great Sunday all. Hugs and smoochies xoxox


  1. Oh I love it! I do not have the patience for cross-stitch (have done a few in the past) but I do so love the way it turns out!