Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aligning the senses.....

As I become more and more up close and personal with my beloved Tansy, I find myself addressing all of the five senses as a natural course of being. I only became aware that I was doing this as I sat down to write this catch up post. 

I noted that my first action was to take a deep breathe and I found myself searching out her smell. Not too hard to find as I have her surrounding me at all times lately. I have been spraying the strong infusion I made around doors, drying flowers separately from leaves, planting her in pots. Standing amongst plants taller than myself, inhaling her scent at every turn.

I have even been carrying her around with me where-ever I might go.....

I have been touching and feeling the texture of her leaves, the softness of an open flower, the smoothness of a newly budded flower.  Taking deep breathes through this slowly drying pouch of flowers and one small leaf....keeping her near me at all times.......

 I have been listening very carefully to try and catch her song, noting that while I have been calling to "her" that I keep sensing a very strong male spirit? Is she in fact a he? Or maybe non gender specific at all?

And while others around here have on occasion have begun to complain about her presence and her smell, which is apparently a little over powering! I find myself becoming one with this beautiful plant, loving her smell, the shape of her leaves, the happy feeling I get when I hold her. Longing to taste her again, knowing somehow that it is not the right time.

I feel a little like I am floating in water, gently bobbing up and down as she invades me through each of my senses which I feel will only still once all have aligned and settled into complete knowing, a merging of our spirits.


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  2. lovely you are carrying her around. and so agree you might be sensing a male presence. nice sharing thougts sweetheart! xx Spraying her on doorways to keep down insects or some other reason? xx

  3. Yes to keep out fleas and flies. Not that the flies seem to mind it though. LOL