Saturday, January 29, 2011

Do you see what I see? (Insert shocked face here!)

So there I was outside playing with my phone playing with the dogs because clearly I am attentive at all times where my pets are concerned! When I just happened to notice an Intruder..........An intruder that is NOT supposed to come near Tansy!!!!

Of course I had to get a little closer and see what was going on.....I was all like " hello fly....don't you know you are NOT supposed to be messing with my Tansy?" And since he did not respond, I thought I would give him a little poke......

He seemed to be enjoying himself so much that he did not even mind, so I poked him a little closer......and even moved the flowers a little thinking he might fly away!

But NO, this fly had decided to "stick" around literally. Of course the whole time my mind was ticking over with the why is this so question, when I began to wonder if perhaps the flowers had actually poisoned him? Perhaps he was high on tansy pollen? Who knows? It does not seem to hurt bees! It does however kill fleas and lice, so maybe has a strange affect on flies too? How cool does this picture look? The buttons look all shiny (LOL myself and technology just mosy along, no idea how it came out this way......)

It really should have looked more like this one....the flowers look fuzzy on top.......

I took a couple more pictures and then had to give it up as my furry friends were getting a bit impatient!

This fly attraction was cutting into serious throwing the ball time! And Miko seemed to think it was now time to give the cat nip a trim!

Please do excuse the fuzzy shots, I took them all except the one of Bella on my phone.

Hugs and smoochies allxoxoxox

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  1. I don't even know how to upload pics from my phone, so you are way ahead of me! lol Ahhhh pretty doggies:)hug hug!Loved the pictures just the way they are and so cool you talked about this!! xx