Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mid cycle infusion...

As I write this I am sipping on an infusion of dried tansy. I dried the tansy this week taking a few days only. I am currently mid cycle so thought it would be good to see the effect when not troubled by womans business like before.

I am feeling very hot, (the weather is getting hotter this week), my body is calm and relaxed and I feel positive of mind. I found myself craving coffee when I had the urge to instead take a cup of tansy tea. So considering the dried herb was handy thought I'd give it a go.  It is the middle of the day here and very much summer!

As with last time, I opted for a 5 minute infusion of about a teaspoon of dried herb as I do not want it to be too strong. Keeping it a safe level for drinking.

The colour immediately is darker yellow than the fresh leaves. The smell not as inviting. And now you may think Im strange but even though I blessed this plant repeatedly before, during and after drying and before drinking, it seems to have lost its energy or life force.  Now I know it is supposed to be better medicinally if the herb is dried but it does not feel right to me.

My immediate reaction is the taste is that it is slightly bitter compared to the fresh leaf infusion. Not entirely unpleasant but not as sweet. It has a stronger drying effect once swallowed, my tongue has gone quite dry giving my mouth a rather clean feeling. This is less noticeable towards the end of the cup. The last couple of mouth fulls were rather bitter.

I feel kind of heavy all over after drinking it. Not sure I like it this way.


  1. the medicine is stronger when it is dried. maybe tansy would be better fresh for you since it is such a strong herb already?

    it's great to compare the differences between fresh and dried and even different dried sources, as i discovered with recently having to purchase nettles instead of drink my own...so looking forward to spring when i can harvest my own again!!

  2. yes I think so. If I am going to drink it more than one day in a row I think I will go fresh.

    I have noticed with my own dried herbs at home they are always stronger in aroma and taste than store bought. I guess its either because they are mass dried when bought or stored for much longer.

  3. Do you know tansy isn't something that grows much around here unless it is planted so I've not experienced it much. I am looking forward to hearing about your journey with tansy.

  4. It doesn't grow here either. I planted one in the garden a few years back and it took over. I love it! :-)