Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In order to must first feel the pain......

This thought runs around in my mind often. If you have read the page "why herbs" you will understand why. Pain reminds us that we are alive but it also warns us of problems that need facing, wounds that need healing, love that needs nurturing.

Today my hands are hurting, not because I am feeling someones pain, but because I just took a great deal out of my garden. I am feeling pain on the outside from pulling passionfruit vines from every nook and cranny, unwittingly getting cranky as my Elder tree emerged, broken in parts, but mainly missing most of her leaves etc due to being denied sun for so long due to the passion of this vine who seems to think it owns the yard. I am praying that she will heal enough and with sun, now grow from all the smaller shoots in time for the autumn berries to appear. I live in hope and try to keep a postive mind as negative thought brings nought but negative action or results.

I stopped my guilty thoughts for that very same reason. I apologised to the plants as I ripped them out but reminded myself that they were being very non productive and destructive in their own way. I feel pain on the inside as I detest the thought of harming ANY living, even when it is necessary. Today it was necessary. And I take it as a sign that none of the bees and wasps flying around me and none of the other bugs or spiders crawling over me bit me that it was ok.

To get at these plants I had to go through one of my beloved Tansy shrubs. Today I thanked her for growing so well, for guarding the other plants but noted that her time had come to do some good. I cut down all the long shoots to just above ground level. As those who have been folloiwng will know, we have had some shocking heat conditions this past week, so if I did not harvest this plant now it was going to go to waste.

Indeed many of the lower leaves were not good to keep. These I placed aside for the compost where they will help break down other things. The good leaves I sorted into size. Some to dry, some for cooking and some to press. The flower heads cut off and saved, some which were dried for seeds, some to add to my jar of already dried flower heads. I even saved the long stalks which I am thinking to use for something else. No waste at all!

I made my tansy vinegar yesterday afternoon and hid it away in a nice dark drawer. Its the very first time I have made a vinegar infusion so I hope it works! I am looking forward to trying it out.

Oh and a big thank you to those who sent healing for my boy. Yesterday I took him to the doctor as he was not looking so well in the morning. The irritation is just in the outer ear which is fantastic, the herbiotics obviously did their job and the doctor said that if he had not gone in the water he probably would be fine. He gave him some drops which I am finding hard to get into the child as her prefers my herbal ones. LOL. Now I just have to convince him on the whole "heal thyself" theory. We can all do it, we just have to want to!

Happy Herbal Dreaming everyone! Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox


  1. I am a little worried about some of my plants that I planted last year that became overrun in the bramble that is my backyard. Sometimes, I have to pull plants, too. I try to relocate those that I can and give away what I can. It will be quite a while before I can have a go at things outside. I am nervous every year to see what managed to winter over and what didn't.

    I am glad your son's seems to be on the mend.

  2. Hi Karisma:) Glad your son is doing better:) I am late getting here and hoping that he is completely recovered now xx
    Oh you want to talk about pulling plants? Oh crud, I think anyone who has ever gardened has had issues with that chore! At least folks like all the sweethearts I have met who are attuned to the rest of the world! lol Some folks I am sure don't have a qualm about it. Like Stephany and you, I pull out a lot of volunteer plants in the gardens, and the yard in general. We have a poison ivy plant on the East side, who generally we can at least kept somewhat at bay, but last year it tried to conquor the world! Right through some of my raspberries and aimed at my beehives and small elder trees! I think I would rather deal with your Passionflower bully as Ivy bully is such a total bitch. Touch her, breathe her smoke if you burn her (dumb move, don't do), and some folks just can't get near her with servious health repurcussions! Besides the usual, non horrible plants that just decide to move into the neighborhood. Sometimes I am just simply delighted, as I have never had a chance to watch it grow through a whole life cycle before! Others have taught me to use them for food or herbal medicine. Others, just gotta go. We do what we can, and the point is our intentions are honorable and honest and that is enough. That is beautiful! I rejoice in meeting folks who even think like I do. I have not met an abundance of them in the everyday world I encounter:( Each of you are so dear to me. Like being able to pick out sisters! lol big hugs and much love to you