Friday, February 4, 2011

Interesting discovery

Yesterday I was feeling a little down. The male testosterone in this household seemed to be flying around on a high and all three males had their tempers unchecked and of course this got me feeling extremely horrible. Inside and out.  I do believe it was a result of this extreme heat wave we have been having but still it did not sit well either way.

Even going out into my garden was a dismal visit. The poor plants are suffering terribly, my avacado tree practically curled up in horror. Some of the vegetables withered and died. One of my potted tansy plants is not looking too well at all. I don't know if it will make it through. Funnily enough out of all my plants, for the most part, my tansy is coping quite well. (The ones in the ground that is). Indeed when my man came out to see where I was he asked me why there was so much "bloody tansy" in the garden! "You cannot possibly be planning to drink ALL that????"

With malicious thoughts running through my mind, I replied sweetly that no I would not probably drink all that, but it would be useful for other things. Obviously NOT for repelling flies who this week and in this heat seem to be thoroughly enjoying sucking on the flower heads with much joy! But yes other things....insert thought bubble (Now get outta my garden before I bite your head off! GRRRRRR)

So anyways, where was I? Oh thats right, my discovery.....I once again drank some tansy tea, this time fresh leaves again. Very refreshing and did lift my mood a little. After drinking I realised something or had a light bulb moment so to speak.

This week I finally received my "A Modern Herbal" set and I had read an account that Tansy was once used for Hysteria, this fact is not in my other books and it got me thinking. The feeling I felt when I drank the stronger dried herb feeling. The absolute, nothingness, bland dead feeling.......that is what you feel if you take anti-depressants. If you have ever taken them, you would understand. Its horrible and something I opted not to take when suffering depression because I believe that pain is better than feeling nothing. Anyway at the risk of me getting side tracked I won't go into that. The effect of the dried herb was pretty much instant by the time I had drunk the whole glass. That wash of nothing feeling, like a blanket falling over you and stilling everything.

So I guess what I am saying here is that Tansy has the ability to be a CALMING herb, well at least to me. I have been getting some pretty strong messages from the universe this past couple of weeks, promptings etc. I was prompted to drink the tea when I had not planned to and so nicely reminded of my compassionate side when I was having dismal thoughts yesterday of all ways via a facebook message,  which I cannot quote word for word as it appears to NOT be there any more STRANGE....but it did pretty much remind me about LOVING all beings, animals, plants, humans alike despite their actions etc etc etc. I had to laugh as I am generally conscious of this fact and I was a little (okay a lot) off track with everyone elses vibes getting me down.

Anyway If I happen to say "The dog ate my homework" this week, you will know why. This heat wave is knocking us all rotten. I have managed to do 2 drawings this week (once with the help of a dog who thought she could do a better job with my pastels)  and that is it so far.  I find myself praying for rain. We had a little last night but not enough to make a puddle :-( My daughter and I did however, run outside and dance in it! LOL!


  1. Hello Karisma,
    I've been enjoying your posts on Tansy. It's not an herb I'm familiar with, so I'm learning along with you. I'm totally jealous that you can be out in your garden at all! Everything here is covered ice! My rosemary is still safe and warm though.

  2. Hi Piper, thanks for commenting. I would not mind some of that ice right now, we are literally melting down here. After a short bout in the garden this morning I came over all dizzy and had to lie down for a bit. It is so so hot! I have started a little pot plant collection on the front porch which seems to be good for the plants so far. Out of the worst of the hot winds but still getting some sunshine. I am also looking forward to learning more about your Rosemary. I have one Rosemary plant and other than using it in cooking have not really looked further into it at all.

  3. I wonder if Tansy is similar to Chamomile in its calming effects. (not that I'm a huge fan of chamomile. I'd just rather have mint tea.)

    But, reading all these - it makes me think about concentrating on one herb a year. Not only would it be educational - but very fun too. I may have to start this spring.

    (but, I think I would start with Marjoram - because it has grown so well the past two years and has spread. It makes me happy to see it)

  4. No I don't think so Karmyn. Tansy is a much stronger herb than chamomile. I love chamomile, I use it for many different things and its a regular in our tea cups. It is calming in a way that it will calm a cough, calm a very sore throat or calm an itch though. I don't think it will calm your mind or nerves as much. Chamomile I guess is also more soothing.

    As much as I am enjoying this journey with Tansy I would not recommend it as readily as Chamomile.

    I did learn something about marjoram this week. It is much the same as oregano. I did not realise that before. haha.

  5. Your blog background is so pretty Karisma! Glad you are following tansy as it is not a plant I have worked with at all. I started a plant one year, but when I decided to transplant it the following year, poof! it disappeared. lol Are you seeing lots of bees supping on the flowers? xx Sending you cooling thoughts :)