Monday, February 28, 2011

Intruder alert!!!!

Can you spot the intruder in this picture?

My plants are notorious for invading each others space! 
I had planned on posting some pics and thoughts on my seed hunt today but my computer is not complying and there is a bit of a storm starting up outside! Think I shall go out and dance in it! :-)

Hugs and smoochies all xoxox


  1. My herbs tend to wander around my yard, also. It is a lovely picture.

  2. Who intruded whom, Karisma? Is this a mint? Herbs and plants do wander, and some are down right bullies about it! lol Last year I had the weirdest thing happen, I had had skullcap planted in the ground off in the garden, and it didn't come back, another plant did! And then... I found skullcap growing in a planter, closer to the house, in a spot I did not plant it! I couldn't believe it! lol hugs and smoochies to you xx

  3. Well, technically it could have been either way, but since the Basil is abundant, I could not help the noticing the little Catnip branch sticking its nose in! I think the catnip was there first on the edge of the garden. :-)