Monday, February 7, 2011

Challenge # 4 - Impressions

Ummmmm.........the dog ate my home work!!!! Well......almost! She did kind of slobber all over it and stick her head in every two seconds or so to ensure I stuffed up! Thats my dog! Always gotta be the centre of attention!!!!!

Seriously though, its been a pretty tough week with sick kids, shockingly hot weather and a pure lack of quality time.  Everything I have attempted has felt really rushed this week. Add to that my complete and utter lack of knowledge when it comes to drawing/painting etc. Well........

Excuses aside, this would be the picture she helped with........chalk pastels........

One late night I had a go with some oil pastels too.......

Ok now I am cheating......I think I showed this one already.......lead pencil.......

 And then there were these paint prints....I really want to have a go at water paints but am feeling a bit insecure........

 And of course my title page......haha...drawn in water colour pencils but too scared to wet......

And as most of my diary so far looks a bit like this........

Please excuse coffee stained paper on the side....I have been drinking a lot of the stuff to keep me awake!!!

I think I better get off the computer and put some of that well learned knowledge I have acquired into writing!!!!!

Other things I have managed in between life this week. ......

  • Several infusions, both to drink (fresh and dried herb) as well as a stronger batch of bug spray. Loving the smell of that stuff round the doors. :-)
  • Stressed out over losing one of my pot plants but managed to keep the other three alive. Damn weather!
  • Pressed some more leaves ready for a little something I have in mind.
  • A bit more research, learned some interesting facts I will share later.
  • Started a list of unfinished or not satisfied with myself challenge efforts (like this one with Impressions as I feel I did not do what I was supposed to!) I plan to do them again later when I have more quality time.
Managed to almost cure my sons ear ache with Golden seal (herbiotics) and garlic/mullein ear drops only to have him relapse after swimming in the ocean!  Feeling very guilty about that one! Yes I co-erced him to swim yesteday as it was Championship day at Nippers!  Very Very annoyed with myself!

I am only beginning to learn but trying to keep the faith in myself is sometimes hard. Planning on giving him hands on healing before bed tonight. That tends to work for me better.

Many blessings to all, heres hoping this week is a healthier one all round. At least it has finally cooled down a little. Happy Herbals hugs xoxoxox


  1. Wow , the chalk pastel art is beautiful and I love the prints. Thanks for giving me a few ideas. I haven't been feeling very creative , seeing your art , hopefully will give me the jump start I need.
    Hope your son is feeling better soon.

    ~ Dandelion Blessings ~

  2. these are amazing! i think you did the challenge quite well!!

    i think the actual leaf prints were a great idea. there is no right or wrong to any of these challenges, they are just suggestions to get you thinking about your ally on a daily basis and how you interpret them is the right way. :)

    hope everyone feels better this week.

  3. Joyceanne, thanks, Chalks I can work with as they seem to meld with me although that picture really was helped out by the dog. I was not joking! It did not quite turn out how I planned. LOL!

    Kristine: Thank you, I guess I really do judge myself and hold back a lot. I did not have my heart in it this week which is why I guess I feel I did not come to the party properly. I had some great ideas but could not follow through with them and the interpretation part did not feel like it came through to the finished result, if you know what I mean.

  4. I love this blog post, and your art is awesome! :) I definitely can NOT draw. LOL

    *healing vibes to your sweet boy*

  5. I love your artwork, Karisma:) Sending healing energy to your son:) xx

  6. Oh thank you, thank you. I think we are off to get the doctor to take a look today. He was not too well in the morning :-(

  7. Hope all is well with your son Karisma. I love how creative you've been with all these techniques! They are all lovely.. and the chalk is my favorite it just glows! Not much time for posting this week for me so far, but you've given me some creative ideas!

  8. Karisma, you have inspired me to try different art forms here! Maybe I can at least do the paint prints! I am so not artistic and so just piddled with the photoshop type program to do what I did. Big hugs and smooches as I so wanted to be creative with my hands too:) xx