Thursday, February 17, 2011

Well that was interesting.....

TY I have had a rather interesting evening and morning on your behalf. In the "asking" I found a lot of confusion which left me wondering if a) you were even sick OR b) your going through a major spiritual upheavel right now. B was winning outright and I was a bit wary about passing on the answer herb wise because of this. I did get an answer but it was less clear so to speak. So I found myself arguing with the answer (my bad). The other problem was that there were two answers and I was not sure if it was just my arguing that caused this or you may need them both.

Anyway, this morning, still undecided as to whether I would pass on the message or not, I ended up feeling compelled to do something I don't normally do. I did a bit of a reading with my Angel Oracle cards. Quite a lot came through, I won't post it here, too personal I think. But definitely brings back the theory of B being more dominant for you right now.

At the end of the reading I "asked" again and loud and clear "Burdock" Why????? "something about your liver dear" apparently you have given it a bit of a beating in the past. (Don't know why I did not just ask why in the first place).

Now, that said,  I don't think you really NEED anything herby other than a balanced healthy diet and sorting out the B problem. Once that is sorted everything earthly will fall into place nicely. The herb I chose for you was Chickweed because of the high protein content. Obviously it also won't hurt you to add more dark green leafy things to your diet.

One last thing. Apparently you are able to do this as well lovely. You don't need to ask me. Ask them yourself. You just need to quiet your mind and listen to the answer.


  1. You rock! Thanks Karisma. Am curious about the reading, if you can be bothered maybe you could put it in an email? Either way I don't mind. I very much appreciate you effort and trust whatever you feel was the right answer.

  2. I will try to type it for you in the next couple of days. Was a bit snowed down today with work/school etc. My daughter has arrived from Melbourne too so we will be busy for a few days. Hugs xox