Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Herbal Ally Challenge # 6 - Tinctures

Wow! Thats all I can say! After comparing the vinegars to the vodka based tincture, I can see after a week, (ok I could say after 2 days) just why a lot of people opt to use alcohol over vinegars when it comes to making medicine.

I have not opened either of them yet and have been shaking the alcohol one every day or so but I noticed in the first couple of days just how quickly you could see the change in colour and the strength of the brew. Its not so noticeable in the picture but the tincture is far darker in the light. I opted not to grind the herb due to its already strong reactions in water. I chopped it a little smaller than the vinegar lot though. 

I opted to make only one small jar of the tincture rather than several. Reasons being that we are not likely to use so much of it and also the fact that we don't have a great supply of alchohol in the house. I had to pinch that bit from one of my daughters who had bought it for a party. I am currently thinking on whether to buy some more just to make medicines or stick to the slower method of making vinegars.  Not sure as yet. Also we have a limited supply of jars which are all full at the moment. :-) I have put the word out for friends and family to collect some more for me.

I am really looking forward to trying out the medicines, unfortunately no-one else trusts the Tansy like I do! So they are not so keen to try it. My plan to drink some more infusions did not pan out this month when my cycle started earlier than I thought it would. So maybe I will just be taking a drink here and there.

I did sneak a taste of the Oregano vinegar I made and it tastes AWESOME! I plan to start using it later this week. Then I shall have a free jar to make some more with Rosemary. 

Big herby hugs xoxoxox


  1. I can tell it is a lot darker, Karisma! Yup, no reason to make a big amount of something you probably will not have much need of. The oregano vinegar sounds wonderful. Mmmmm:) Oh gosh, jars are the hardest thing to have enough, and you did the best thing... putting a call out to others, hey save your jars please! lol That is what I did too:)
    Do you feel or wonder if the infusion started your cycle early? Or are you a bit erratic with it anyway? Curious mind here:) xx

  2. Hi, Leslie,

    No it did not start earlier because of the Tansy. I did not get a chance to drink some. The first time I had some I did get a little spotting but I was due in a day or so anyway. This time I just started a bit early, not sure why. I had planned to have some tea before hand and was too late.

    You should see how dark the tincture is now! I am thinking I might strain it today and bottle it. I finally got my hands on some cooking muslin to use, I have had a hard time finding it. My other strainer was not fine enough. I will let everyone know how it goes. :-)

  3. Sometimes that muslin is hard for me to find also:( Thanks for answering my questions:) xx