Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And theres my earthquake .....(insert very sad face :-( )

I knew something was going to happen, last night the feeling of absolute stillness around me, the concern and worry that something BIG was coming! Praying that we would be safe.......Well, it did not hit us, but all around us big winds last night and just now a huge Earthquake just hit our neighbours in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Sending out loving energy for the safety of all over there. My blood is running cold right now. :-(

I really dislike this new "feeling" stuff when Im awake. At least when I used to just dream about it, I could forget easily. And I still don't feel right! I hope nothing else happens today.

Please add the City of Christchurch to your prayers or healing webs today. Much Love xoxox


  1. oh, i don't think i'd like that awareness much either! i have friends in new plymouth, hopefully they are far enough away that it didn't affect them much. having been through some major earthquakes in los angeles, my thoughts are with those in christchurch! i hope there were minimal injuries.

  2. wow lady, you're pretty special. Very sad news, saying prayers.

  3. Special Ed maybe? It is starting to make me feel a little crazy! Very alone....A lot sad and a lot lost too! :-(

  4. Oh Karisma, my daughter and I have the dubious gift of foretelling also :( We rarely know exactly what will happen.. just the fact it will. Such a sad terrible time for Churchchrist! I hustled over here to check on you, and sent emails to check on my other Antipode friends. Thoughts and prayers are with you all. xx

  5. Much hugs and love to you, hunny.

    You are never alone.