Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Woops it happened again...

So I was a little worried about someone the other day and "asked" what might be helpful to them. The answer was Comfrey. So I have spent a bit of time reading up on this herb to see why. In Australia it is not recommended for medicinal purposes. However, upon reading, and reading and reading some more, I can't for the life of me understand why.

Here is a small section relevant to why I believe this herb was suggested....(Information from Isabell Shipards..How to use herbs in your daily life).

  • Comfrey acts as an emollient and is very soothing, inhibiting further damage to tissues, stimulating the production of cartilage, tendons and muscles. It has been esteemed as  a blood and flesh builder. 
  •  The dark green colour of the leaves indicates the richness of chlorophyll with a molecular structure closely resembling our blood. Chlorophyll acts as a catalyst, to promote healing within the body of man and animals, and is a valuable blood purifier. Scientific research shows that chlorophyll helps to rejuvenate old celss and promote the growth of new cells . This action, together with comfrey's allantoin properties (a cell prolifierant) provides us with a very powerful herb. 
  • Allantoin is one of the elements that make comfrey unique. Allantoin is also produced in the allantois gland of the umbilical cord (the link  between mother and developing baby, which feeds the embryo) for promoting rapid cell growth. Mothers milk is also rich in allantoin (which stimulates rapid growth of the new baby) and then the element fades out. This process also takes place in other mammals. 
  • Allantoin is a leucocytosis promoter (increases white blood cells) that helps to establish immunity from many infectious conditions.
    Dear Someone (you know who you are), I hope this is of help to you. I am not suggesting you take my word, but it would not hurt for you to further research this yourself. It was your mothers worry coming through to me that allowed me to get this message. I am just passing it on. This is just a very teensy part of the wonders of this herb. Along with scientific back up AND numerious "miracle cure" stories that came with it. First and foremost, if you want to be well, then you must demand it and keep a positive attitude that you will be well. Remember your faith and trust in the Angels to help you get through this. (I suggest you read, Doreen Virtues " Angel Medicine" ). Love + Light = Healing! From this end I am sending loving light every day. Take care lovely! mwah xoxoxoxox

    More reading....(thanks Sarah) 


    1. If you want to know more about the comfrey debate, go to the Herbwifery Forum and read the threads on Comfrey, PSAs etc. If you work with adults, they can make an informed choice whether or not to use it, but it is not recommended to give to children. The potential liver damage caused by the plant can be cumulative and it's better to be safe than sorry.

    2. Thank you Sarah. I will check it out.I think I have ended up on that forum a few times in my searching.

      I did do some pretty extensive reading already and the only negative part I read was a study they did on baby rats which were given far more than their little bodies could possibly cope with. I think any herb, just like any drug should be used with caution and not over used. I personally know of a parent giving her child paracetamol for two weeks straight and her kidneys failed.

      It is a personal choice what we choose to put in our bodies. But if I had the choice of Chemo and plastic drugs I would go for the Comfrey myself. Having said that, this herb was suggested for her not for me. They may have suggested something different for me. Who knows? There are many beneficial herbs for cancers but this is the one that came in strong. Personally I would have chosen Asparagus. 3 times a day. Its just food right?

    3. what would you recommend for me??