Friday, November 13, 2009


If you have somehow found your way here already! Welcome! I am in the process of setting up this little corner as a space to write down things I would probably not share on my regular family blog. Some of the stuff that goes on in my head on a daily basis that I may or maynot have had the time to write down.

If you know me already, you also know that my life if very full and hectic. I am on the go 99% of the time with little time to take out for quiet time or to stop and breathe as I like to call it. So writing can be a challenge for sure. Just getting here this morning to write this down has taken me hours. I have been interrupted no less than 10 times by children wanting or needing something, relatives dropping by, being distracted when I noticed the floor needed a clean (so I stopped to vaccuum), making a start on ridding myself of excess books that have somehow taken over the house, lifes little dramas in general and then I remembered what I was doing and tried once again!

I probably will not post here as often as my other blog but hope to find time to as much as I can. I may write something meaningful at times or NOT! It may just be a random thought for the day.

Life can be so confusing at times for most of us. But we learn so much every day. This blog is intended to share some of my thoughts, lessons I have learned, things I wonder about and maybe some of my mad dreams which currently I keep on a private space. Lets just see where it takes us.

Namaste and Blessings to all. Mwah xxxx


  1. I like the idea behind this blog, I've got it saved so I can visit on my blog reading trips, love the decorating you've done in here too :)

  2. Good luck with your new blogging adventure. Enjoy the adventure :)

  3. I have it saved too, I'll be a regular visitor.