Saturday, November 14, 2009

Flight to Freedom - Written June 11, 2008

Theres a fire burning in my soul.
Its yearning to break free.
With words and pictures on my mind,
And sounds that only, speak to me!

And while I try to fathom why...
you watch me silently.
Beyond the veil that most can't breach
You hear my silent plea!

A purple whirlpool from my dreams.
Surrounding me in blue.
Begins my journey to your world.
A journey that is true!

I raise my life up to the sun-
I beg you, set me free.
Through your warmth and ambiance...
Release this pent up energy!

Beware this day, my dragon comes,
Be watchful for her birth!
A burning flame will be undone,
unleashed for all its worth!

The spirit wolf my guardian.
The eagle who is me.
Together climb this mountain,
To forever set me free!