Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lemon Balm - (Melissa Officinalis)- Anti-viral - CURE ALL

When I first discovered Lemon Balm, I had no idea of its medicinal value. I had literally walked through the nursery picking up herbs and asking in my head...Yes or No! This one was a definite YES. I took it home, planted it and pretty much admired how easily it grew and enjoyed the wonderful aroma it emitted when the breeze passed by.

For two years it pretty much took care of itself and I only once had the urge to use it as a poultice for a cold sore. (Intuitively at the time). I often thought about drying some and using it like potpourri as the smell is just divine. I remember sitting by it outside and feeling really happy when enjoying the aroma as it floated by. Not unusual though! I always feel happy when my garden is blooming and I have a chance to just "sit" out there!

So, as I mentioned before, quite a few people I know both personally and in the blogsphere, have all been suffering from anxiety, depression or other related ailments. And lately this wonder herb has been on my mind a lot for some reason. OK, its been a bit more than on my mind. It actually got to the point where I suffered a bit too much anxiety myself this week. Not sure why or where it came from but after almost allowing myself to have a full blown panic attack last night, I decided it was about time I addressed this post. So I finally took the time out to research it a little more and came up with some rather interesting results. There are so many things it is useful for, that this post might go on forever. So I will give it to you it basic point form.

  • Helps with digestion.
  • Strong Anti-depressant (Can also assist with dyspepsia that is associated with anxiety)
  • Calms nerves (butterfly's in the tummy)
  • Breathe freshener (hehe! could not resist throwing that one in! Personally I prefer Fennel!)
  • Contains vitamins A, B and C

A little exert, from the book " How I can use Herbs in my daily life?" by Isabella Shippard.......

Lemon Balm has featured for: Flatulence, colic, poor digestion, vomiting, headaches, migraines, to ease griping pains, ulcers, nervous upset, nervous heart disorders, mood swings, gout, Arthritis, loss of bladder control, vertigo, herpes, fevers, diabetes, bronchial catarrh, influenza, coughs, colds, female complaints and uterine pain, menstrual irregularity and infertility, insomnia, senility, reducing high temperatures, Alzheimer's disease, palpitations and heart disease, shingles, high blood pressure, candida, cancer, and to help stimulate the spleen, thyroid *, pancreas, kidneys, liver and gall bladder.

(* Lemon Balm may interfere with thyroid treatment...DO NOT take this herb if you are taking any thyroid hormones!)

Externally, leaves can be used for insect bites, cuts, boils, shingles, cold sores, to stop bleeding, and sun spots.

Lemon Balm is recommended as a calming tea for the nervous system and is safe for all ages, it is even used to soothe crying babies.

DOSE: For Tea, steep 1 heaped teaspoon of chopped fresh leaves to 1 cup of boiling water, in a covered container (important as we don't want the volatile oils to escape). Drink 2-3 cups daily!

(Okay, as I had not tried this before, I took the liberty of steeping some this morning myself! I found it quite weak and would probably make it a little stronger for myself. It tastes very mildly of lemon so pleasant to drink! You can add honey to sweeten but I did not find it needed any sweetening at all. I had a slight headache which has cleared nicely! I intend to take it for a week and see how it goes. I have enlisted another guinea pig to try it out too, one who happens to be suffering from depression/anxiety and who is not taking any other meds. We will call this person Lucy for future reference. If you also decide to give it a go, please let me know your results as well. This one is new to me so I would love to hear if it works on a larger scale. Keeping in mind you need to take it for at least two weeks to get full benefits.)

You can serve this tea chilled and mixed with apple juice to stressed children or teenagers. (The apple is mainly for taste). You can also give them the normal tea. Its is quite safe.

For depression you can mix equal amounts of lemon balm, lemon verbena, lemon grass, and a slice of lemon. (Sniff deeply the vapour rising from the tea and then drink) OR you can just drink the lemon balm tea several times a day.

Obviously, if the tea does not agree with you. Don't drink it. And if you are taking any medications, please consult your doctor first.


  1. I was really enjoying this post and of course, as you would expect I was thinking "hey I can use this for this, and that and that" and then you said "do not take this if you're taking thyroid medication" and I got all sad! That rules me out. I know there are some things that need avoiding when taking thyroxine :(

  2. Keep us posted on both you and your 'control' group! heh heh.
    Sorry to hear you've had an anxious week. Panic attacks are no fun, are they? :(

  3. Sorry Wendy sweetie, There are a few other ones that may be safe. I worry about mixing herbs with meds as I don't know whats in the meds, I am not that edumacated!

    Mal: They are certainly NOT fun. I guess I am luckier than most though as I can recognise it for what it is before it gets out of control. It actually scares me more watching others go through it as I can't stop it for them.

  4. PS: Wendy: While it would not be a good idea to ingest Lemon Balm while you are taking thyroid hormones, it would not hurt for you to have some growing around you and for you to enjoy the aroma, this also has some beneficial effects.

  5. Karisma,
    Sorry if I'm late reading new computer won't let me make any new bookmarks, so I forget to check this blog unless I come across the email you sent with the address.
    Is this something you could grow inside? Our growing season is so short. I would assume I could find a tea pot like that at the health food store, but don't have one.

  6. Hi Karisma,lemon balm is a popular drink with us, just because he is so delicious. It is a easy herbal to grow, and it smells so good.

    Have a nice day - Rita