Monday, March 7, 2011

Elder Reborn....

Some of you may remember me having a moan a few weeks ago when I had to rip out a great deal of Passionflower which was suffocating my Elder tree. (I posted some pictures over here) Well, half the main tree had died and broke off and I was left with a patch of bare sticks.....

This is how she used to look!

I was really upset as now is the time we normally get berries and I was looking forward to getting a bigger batch this year. But as nature would have it and father sun was finally able to shine upon this space, things once again began to bloom.

I have been very excited this past couple of weeks though watching the rebirth of so many fresh leaves and branches. They are springing up everywhere, from the cut back sticks to new shoots in the ground!

Nothing like a bit of herb loving to get things back on track again! Hugs and smoochies all xoxox

You might like the pictures in this post too.....(In the night garden).....lots of my herbs in these ones. :-)


  1. elder is amazing! the goats LOVE to eat elder but she keeps coming back, determined to bloom and fruit.

    i also have a few plants that every year without fail, greg tills under even though i'm marked them, walked the area with him and moved them to a 'safer' location....oye! but they keep coming back and i know one of these years, they will succeed.

  2. I'm so happy for you that your Elder survived! It just goes to show how persistent she can be!
    And how exciting getting to watch her grow :)

  3. Tansy: Sounds a bit like my poor blueberrie bush, she has been run over with the mower several times.

    Sam: Thanks lovely, I still live in hope that there will be some berries this year. I will be content with a jar full. :-)