About Me

My name is Lisa aka Karisma

I live on the Eastern Coast of NSW Australia

I have been with my partner for 27 years, married for 23 of those. We are pretty much opposites in most respects. I guess somehow this keeps us balanced?

We have 5 children, Ashlee 22, Meagan 20, Gemma 18, Adem 13 and Zak 11 1/2.

I have an extremely wild heart and my dream is to one day move slightly inland and live on a property big enough to support that wildness in full. I would love to be entirely self sufficient. A waterfall would be nice! (One can only dream hey?)

My creative side loves to knit, crochet, cross stitch and occasionally sew. I also love to sing and dance in the privacy of my own home. LOL no claim to fame there!

I LOVE BOOKS!!!!! (And have been known to disappear for days if I have some new ones)

I have a great love for all living things. Even the annoying ones much to a lot of other peoples frustration! I am not sorry for that! We, each and every one, have our purpose!

I have a very strong FAITH in our creator. And a very great love for Mother Earth. I don't believe in religion (no offense to anyone but I don't need religion to keep my faith), I find it very non-productive and controlling. And yes I have been there, done that! I am very grateful for all the lessons learned about humanity on my journey.

When I am not learning about herbs or crafting, I am running a large household, trying to keep everyone fed, healthy and happy and homeschooling my  2 boys.....you can read about our adventures over at my other blog.......Karisma and kids........if you are interested. I also blog about family, crafting, gardening and anything else that interests me over there. 

We LOVE animals and currently have in our family, 2 dogs (Isabella and Miko), 1 chicken (Hope aka chicky babe), 2 Rats (Penelope and Edie) and a cranky cockatiel called Mookie! She thinks she is the boss around here.