Thursday, April 28, 2011

Still alive....well some of us are....

Some people bring back souvenirs when they visit new Well, I came back with some nasturtium and violet in slurpee cups! Yep I am very resourceful! LOL AND check out the great big bag of FREE Wool! Ahhhhhhh.....things that make me go Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

I have been very remiss in my studies of late, although I have been trying to keep up with a bit of reading here and there. After a very long trip came home to find most of my baby seedlings had not survived the cold change in the weather. :-(

BUT and there is a very big but here, nature and the faeries have fixed this little problem by self planting as per usual in the vegie patch. I noticed that though some of the seedlings I planted did not make it and all of my baby Tansy plants were gone.......the garden is full of a gazillion little Tansy babies AND basil and even some sneaky coriander. So I guess I will make do! I mean even IF the tansy did not self seed, I have enough growing here to last me a lifetime.

I have not had time to complete my herbal ally writing task, though I do know what I have to write.  I have been truly blessed with hearing her song! So hopefully I can fit it in soon!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Herbal hugs,  xoxoxox

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Meditation attempt: Take 2

Twice today, I attempted to meditate with my Tansy only to have a certain young man, ahem, lets call him  Mr Bossy, try and stick his nose in.

The first time was quite by accident, I was standing in the morning in between all of my Tansy and closed my eyes for a moment and simply breathed in, my vision was inundated immediately with a bright white pulsing impression of Dandelion.

I have to admit, I was slightly annoyed. You see, he has been making himself known to me in a very strong way this week. I had given my dandelion vinegar to my daughter who moved this weekend and had planned to make more. Seems he was a bit impatient with me. I have been a little unwell and in my usual fashion when it comes to my own health, I was ignoring ALL the signals, messages, promptings.....what ever you want to call it.......that I guess he just got a tad indignant so decided to make himself heard in a big way.

When I opened my eyes I noticed that he was simply everywhere, pretty much competing with the Tansy, thats for sure. I looked at the grass and thought OH MY, if my man decides to mow this before I can get to it, I am going to have to kill him. Not that I would really do that but can you see what I see?

 These dandelions are huge (please excuse the mess!) and I am thinking that this time I will manage to get some roots to dry.  Its raining today, on and off, so I decided to start with collecting some leaves and flowers with the thought of making a vinegar and some infusions. Of course I went inside and got waylaid with the kids lessons and went to make a coffee when I get this indignant "Don't you drink that!" in my head. "Drink some dandelion tea! You know you need to!"  "Yes I do know, but I would really like to drink this coffee right now, I will get the dandelions later!" "NO NO NO NO....NOW!"

By now, you are probably thinking.....what a nut job.....but this really is normal for me, arguing with little voices in my head! This little voice was not shutting up .... Bossy little man! 

So off I trotted and collected lots of small leaves and some flowers, came inside and made my vinegar, and an infusion and then drank my coffee! I explained to his majesty that I would drink him later but for now I was having my damned coffee.

Fast forward to the afternoon, I have been shopping and returned and once again went outside and sat this time in the middle of my garden next to one of my Tansy bushes. I asked for a little peace and guidance and closed my eyes. I was partly sitting under a bush and holding her leaves in my hands talking to her and then I began to quiet and slowly breath.

Immediately rushes of green came into my mind and guessed it....he was back. Showing himself in lovely colours for sure but this time I was ready. In my mind I spoke to him and thanked him for his caring but pointed out that I am hopeful to hear Tansy sing for me and she is not going to do this if HE was there nagging all the time. I assured him that I would deal with him later. And yes I would eat him too.  Reluctantly he left me for a bit and I was able to relax and bond a little with Tansy and almost but not quite put him from my mind.

These ones are growing around a bunch of garlic!

All the time I am wondering, why is he being so forceful and demanding. I have never seen so much Dandelion in my yard before. It is popping up everywhere, even in the concrete cracks, amongst the garden, under the tansy and all through the grass. 

 And so, I went inside once more and I took some garlic and an onion and I fried him up and ate him for lunch. I stored and labeled my vinegar and left the infusion on the counter to drink later.

Oh Mr Bossy Boots........ you are rather lovely! But tomorrow you really must allow me a little time with Tansy okay?

So today, my friends,  I leave you with Dandelion Blessings! Bossy ones to boot!  What a delightful herbal spirit! Bossy but sweet!

Much love and light to all. 
Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox