Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Absent note....

I find myself feeling really guilty about my lack of posting here and more so my lack of spending real time with my herbal ally this past couple of months. Of course, I am always thinking and planning and trying to fit things in but life seems to be catching up with me and not leaving a lot of time for the things I want to give my attention.

For those who follow my other blogs, which are also neglected but not as much as this one has been. Its because my family and friends I don't see all the time want to keep up with us that way and of course my crafting is something I must do to keep sane. Its not that I don't love my herb blog, its just I don't feel I have had anything beneficial to post about lately.

I would however like to thank the lovely ladies of The Crones Gazette for my first issue which was a delightful read. I loved and enjoyed every bit of it. Dear friends, if you have not subscribed already you should do so! Its awesome. All the things I enjoy and love rolled into one magazine! I can't wait for the next issue to come up. The only improvement I could think of is a handheld version. I love my books. LOL Seriously though the articles are so good I think I will print it out to keep. I will try and write a little more about it when I have more time available.

As it is, the guilt of spending this time online refreshing my blogs has left me feeling more guilty as I have so much that needs doing in my garden and indoors right now. Will try to catch up more often in the future. Hope everyone else is getting more done than me.

Herbal blessings to all. Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox

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  1. Take it easy Lisa, you only have two hands.
    Big hugs,